Purse Your Lips Handmade Bags - an Exhibitor Spotlight by Woodland Crafts
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Purse Your Lips – Handmade Bags & more…

Purse Your Lips Dragon Fabric Selection

Patricia Wood’s stunning display has been a much-valued part of many of our Craft Shows over the past few years. We know so many customers who have been delighted with Patricia’s work, so we’re delighted to be able to give you the chance to engage with her here. We know you’ll find something truly individual.


Insisting on using the best materials available, Patricia creates top quality, unique handmade bags, purses and a host of other “pretty little things”, in spectacular bright, fun and gothic fabrics.


Everything is made by Patricia herself, in her Sussex studio. She told us that, having been a lover of sewing as a child, she put the craft aside when she began a busy career in science. She rediscovered her talent a few years ago. She wanted to buy a bag but couldn’t find one she really liked. So, instead of settling for second best, Patricia used her old skills to make one for herself. She fell in love with sewing again, and soon she became addicted!


Although still busy at work, Patricia soon started exhibiting at weekend Craft events and built up a keen following of customers who love the quality and individuality of her amazing work. There’s always an enthusiastic “buzz” around the “Purse Your Lips” stand at all our events.


Now, having recently left her science career to pursue her love of “all things fabric”, Patricia is running “Purse Your Lips” as a full-time business. She’s now able to supply more customers with an even greater range of gorgeous handmade bags, purses and accessories.


Patricia explained “I love bright colours, bold patterns and anything gothic or flowery. My inspiration comes from the fabrics themselves. When I see a fabric I like, I immediately think about all the lovely things I can make with it. I love talking to customers at craft exhibitions and I feel so much joy when people love my work and take a piece home, or gift it to a loved one”.


Every piece Patricia creates is made with painstaking care and love. Her attention to detail is second to none. It’s a privilege for us, here at Woodland Crafts, to be able to showcase her superb work.

We hope you’ll love owning some of Purse Your Lips Handmade Bags, Purses and other items as much as we love recommending them for you!


Please visit www.purseyourlips.net to see Patricia’s range of handmade items.

Prices range from £6.00 to £60.00 so there’s always something to suit every budget.

Here is a selection of Purse Your Lips products.


Click on each image to find out more.

Purse Your Lips Skulls Coin Purse 

Find out more on the Purse Your Lips website

Purse Your Lips Large Frame Dragon Bag

Find out more on the Purse Your Lips website

Purse Your Lips Clutch Bag/Purse Set

Find out more on the Purse Your Lips website

Purse Your Lips Hummingbird Fabric Storage Bin

Find out more on the Purse Your Lips website

Purse Your Lips Skulls Clutch Purse

Find out more on the Purse Your Lips website

Purse Your Lips Dragonfly Wings Jewellery Roll

Find out more on the Purse Your Lips website

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