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Information for exhibitors wishing to exhibit at Woodland Crafts events

Information for Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in our events. Your support is greatly appreciated. We are always pleased to welcome new faces as well as “regulars”. If you are an experienced exhibitor but haven’t yet exhibited with us, you will find that we take care to ensure that our events are realistically described so that you are aware of the size and style of the events you are booking. Our events vary in style and in content so we try hard to describe them accurately for you. Please read the details and let us know if you want more information.

If you are new to the world of events and feel unsure about anything, do let us know and we’ll be glad to help and answer any questions. We have been exhibitors ourselves and we can still often be found behind a stand so we do understand the concerns and the potential problems. Although these are professional events and we do expect certain standards from exhibitors, we remember that everyone has to start somewhere so we’ll help newcomers as much as we can.

We believe that event organisers should do what the name suggests, i.e. organise their events properly and professionally. This may sound obvious but unfortunately many events are not properly run for the benefit of the exhibitors who have paid substantial fees and without whom, the events would not exist. We see it as our prime responsibility to make sure that exhibitors are given what they have the right to expect at our events. For example, our exhibitors are greeted and shown to their stand spaces, not just given a pitch number and left to fend for themselves. We make sure that each exhibitor has full access to their space without encroachment from other exhibitors. We check our layouts very carefully and we give careful consideration to the positioning of stands. This is not done simply on a first-come, first-served basis so it is helpful for us to have an idea of the type of stand you use. Of course there are many other aspects of events organisation and we do our best to make sure everything is as it should be. We only ask that exhibitors do their part by reading the event details and conducting themselves in a professional manner.

We organise events of various types and styles. These include indoor Crafts ShowsChristmas MarketsCraft Marquees within other shows, Art, Crafts and Design MarketsGarden EventsCountry Shows and Shopping Centre events. You’ll find all the currently confirmed events for 2019 in the rest of this section. We aim to produce well-organised, professional events at reasonable prices for exhibitors. Although Woodland Crafts Events Management have organised hundreds of events over the past twenty-seven years, we never forget that we were exhibitors ourselves first!

We very much hope you’ll be able to join us in 2019!

Paul & Lynn Bishopp

PS. Dont forget to bookmark this page so you can refer to our Exhibitors information easily and also see any additional events/shows that are added throughout the coming year.

Have any additional questions?

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions section below which should answer most queries. However, if you require any other information or have any additional questions, please get in touch. You can call us on 01243 641306 or email us by clicking on the button below.

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Here’s all the information you need to exhibit at our events during 2019

To open, simply click on the heading of each section below to read all the information contained within. To close, simply click the heading again when you’ve finished reading it.

Please READ ALL SECTIONS before filling in the Initial Application Form, a link to which can be found in the last section.

Section one: How to apply

PLEASE! – It is very important that before you apply for space at any of our events, you make sure you have read all the event details on this page and in particular, the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. This information is intended to make sure you are aware of the things you need to know in order to make the most of your participation in our events.
It is very frustrating when exhibitors call us in our busiest periods, just before a show, asking questions which show that they have not read the event details and have no idea of some of the important information.

Next, complete the “Exhibitor’s Initial Application Form” found in the last section, at the bottom of this page. Please complete it fully and submit it to us.

Please do not send any payment at this stage. We never take payment until we are ready to accept a booking.

If we are able to offer you space, we will send you specific application forms for each show you tick. We’ll also send any extra event details, a copy of our “Terms and Conditions” and a few “Notes on Booking”. Please check that you are prepared and able to comply with the details and terms before completing and signing your specific application forms. You will find there are certain requirements you need to be aware of and comply with in order to take part in the events.

Please note that product categories and restrictions vary. It is important to read the details in the sections relating to each venue. Some products will suit one venue but not another. All types of products to be sold must be mentioned on application forms. Applications will be assessed separately for each show so please make sure we know exactly what you want to exhibit. If your product description is vague, misleading or ambiguous, you may have to remove items from display.

Please complete all forms fully and describe your products and your stand, briefly but accurately even if you are a regular exhibitor with us. (Phrases like “as before” etc. are not sufficient and will result in your application being placed at the bottom of the pile). Your co-operation is very much appreciated. The overall presentation of the stand will be considered as well as your products so photographs are useful. Please call or e-mail us if you are unsure of anything.

All fees can be paid by BACS (preferred method), debit card or cheque (cheques are not accepted less than 10 days before an event). BACS details will be sent to you once your application is accepted. Please remember that deposits must be paid as soon as requested in order to finalise the booking and balances must be received by the due date to avoid cancellation. Late payments will be treated as cancellation of bookings. Details of payments to be made are shown on each specific application form.

N.B. Space is not reserved until we have received and acknowledged your specific application forms for individual events. (We are happy to discuss bookings but we NEVER finally reserve space over the telephone or without a specific application form and payment).

Section two: Requirements


Although we like to make sure our events are enjoyable, friendly and problem-free for all exhibitors, we do expect certain standards of presentation and conduct. We expect all exhibitors to present their stands smartly and to make sure they are aware of and comply with any trading standards legislation as well as general health and safety legislation. We like to ensure that customers visiting our events are treated fairly, politely and honestly. We have a very good reputation and we expect all exhibitors to behave in a professional manner. For exhibitors new to the business, this does not mean you need expensive stands and equipment. It simply means that you need to behave professionally, your products need to be of good quality and your stand, display or table needs to be tidy and smart. We treat customers the way they should expect to be treated by a reputable and honest business. We can’t expect them to buy from us if we don’t treat them professionally. We also ensure that all exhibitors are protected from unreasonable behaviour from other exhibitors. We are always pleased to help with advice so do call us or email if you have any questions.

Trading Standards:

All exhibitors must be aware of the general legal requirements and any specific requirements and regulations applying to particular products. For example, clear and fair pricing is important and there are legal requirements. There are extra regulations relating to some products including toys, soaps, cosmetics, foods, etc. It is important to be aware of the requirements and we encourage exhibitors to contact their local Trading Standards office for advice. In our experience, Trading Standards officers have always been very friendly and helpful. They are not there to cause problems, just to help you to avoid mistakes and omissions. Again, please let us know if you have any concerns on this subject. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with all requirements.


(You cannot take part without it)
You must have insurance for “Public and Products Liability”. Insurance cover levels vary at each venue (see event details). Currently, a minimum of £2 million cover is generally required but at some venues the minimum is £5 million. We strongly recommend a minimum of £5 million everywhere. If additional cover becomes necessary to comply with the requirements of any venue, local authority or our own insurers, it will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange higher levels of cover as required. Cover can be arranged easily and cheaply (from around £50 per year for £5m). In accordance with the terms of our own insurance policy and some of the local authorities, we must have a copy of your insurance certificate (or NMTF membership card if you have one). You can send it to us with your application forms or, if you haven’t yet arranged it or it is due to expire before an event you are applying for, you can send it when you have it. However, please note that we must have it at least a week before the event. Although we will process your application and accept your payment, you will not be able to attend an event if we have not received your insurance evidence. No refunds will be given if you are unable to take part in an event due to failure to supply insurance details in advance. N.B. If you would like more information about obtaining cover, please let us know.

Electrical equipment:

In accordance with health and safety legislation, all electrical equipment must be maintained in safe condition. In order to be confident of this, we require that your lights, extension leads, electrical tools etc. must be P.A.T. tested, certificated and carrying a current sticker, less than a year old. If they are not, you will not be able to use them at our events. This is the equivalent of an MOT test for cars but applies to brand new items as well. Testing can be carried out by many electricians and is easy to arrange. We have to insist that all your electrical items can be seen to have been PAT tested within the past year and they are in good repair and suitable for the situation. We have test equipment and we can usually test and certificate items for you at the events if you arrange this with us in advance. Call us if you need to know more.

Section three: Frequently asked questions

Q. Are stand fees shown “per day” or for the whole event?
A. Fees shown are usually for the whole of each event. We don’t accept bookings for single days except where it is specifically shown as part of the event details. N.B. Some longer events are divided into separate sessions and fees are shown for each complete session. Some Craft Markets are bookable as separate days as shown.

Q. I’ve submitted my “Initial Application” form. Am I booked in?
A. No. Your Initial Application is just the first stage and is your request for specific application forms for all the events you’re interested in. You still need to complete and return a specific application form for each event. We will send these to you as soon as we can after we receive your “Initial Application” form. Please bear with us if there is a short delay with forms. We do receive a lot of applications so it sometimes takes more time to assess and process them all.

Q. Where can I arrange public and products liability insurance?
A. You need a specific policy to cover Public and Products liability. This will cover your liabilities for any injuries or damages etc. caused by your involvement in an event or by any products you sell. Your household or shop insurance will not cover you. Currently, a minimum of £2 million cover is generally required but at some venues the minimum is £5 million. We can’t make specific recommendations but if you email us we can give you details of companies used by most exhibitors:

Q. How much does insurance cost?
A. Premiums vary but most exhibitors pay around £50-£90 per year for £5m cover.

Q. My electrical equipment is new. Should it be “PAT tested”?
A. Yes. The “PAT test” is a requirement of some local authorities and we have to insist on it. Any item you plug in at an event must be tested and have a current certificate, less than a year old. It must also carry a test sticker. Surprisingly, it is not at all unusual for a new item to fail the test!

Q. How can I get my electrical equipment “PAT tested”?
A. Many electricians and small electrical shops will arrange this for you. Alternatively, you can usually have it done at our events for a small charge. We have specialist testing equipment and we can issue a valid certificate.

Q. Will there be an access gap beside my stand?
A. At our indoor Craft Shows, we give a shared access gap to one side of each stand. In marquees and for open-ground stands, we don’t provide a gap, so you must book enough space to get in and out.

Q. I need to leave before the end of the event. Is this alright?
A. No! It is a strict requirement that you are there throughout the opening times of each event. Please do not arrive late, leave early or start “tidying” your stand or packing things in boxes until closing time. This gives a bad impression to customers and is unfair to other exhibitors. We do not tolerate it!

Q. Can I have extra space to demonstrate my craft?
A. Sometimes. If your demonstration is interesting and we feel it will enhance the event, we may be able to give you free extra space. Where appropriate, you can request this on your specific application forms.

Q. When can I set up my stand before the event?
A. Sometimes from the afternoon before the show and sometimes only the day of the event. You will receive an information sheet with your acknowledgement and vehicle pass after we accept your applications. Access times and details of your booking will be included and it is important to keep them safe and refer to them before the event. (A file for each event you book is a good idea). It is very surprising that a number of exhibitors fail to take note of the details of the events they are booking. This often results in problems for them. Please take the trouble to be aware of the event requirements, times and details. If you need details of setting up times before you book, please contact us.

Q. Why are stand fees mostly shown “per foot”, not “per metre”?
A. Because we like to be as flexible as possible and it enables exhibitors to book the exact space they need. The alternative would be for exhibitors to book extra space by the metre which, for many, would mean unnecessary expense.

Section four: Events: Craft Shows at Fort Purbrook

Craft Shows at Fort Purbrook

Two Craft Shows at Fort Purbrook
(Easter and November)

Content can include: Crafts, artwork, food and drink, craft supplies.
We will welcome applications from makers, designers and specialist retailers. There are up to 70 stands at these events.

These are well established indoor craft shows with an extensive and loyal customer base. Many visitors come to every show we run here. They love the atmosphere in the unique historic building and they like to buy from the regular exhibitors as well as the new faces. We arrange extensive publicity for these events. We are very well-known in the area and we have an impeccable reputation. Customers know that they can buy with confidence at a “Woodland Crafts” event. The Easter show is heavily promoted and usually very well-attended over this busy bank holiday weekend. The November show is well-known and widely publicised as a great opportunity for Christmas gift buying. This is a very popular venue, attracting tourists as well as “locals”.

At Fort Purbrook we welcome applications from exhibitors with products of good quality and individuality. These events are open to craft makers and some retailers. They are not “Maker-Only” shows. Products will be wide-ranging. However, we will not usually accept mass-produced, factory made products, readily available in shops. At these shows we do not encourage agents of “multi-level” marketing organisations, offering “business opportunities”. Preference will often be given to those who make their products and those who demonstrate on the stand. These shows are publicised as “Crafts” shows and customers expect to find different and interesting products in all price ranges. Applications will be assessed carefully. Quality, individuality and presentation will be considered. Food products are popular and welcome but must not compete with the in-house catering.

Fort Purbrook is situated a few minutes from the junction of the A3M and the A27 on Portsdown Hill, with views over the city of Portsmouth to the south and with the affluent areas of southern Hampshire to the north. With wonderful panoramic views, less than an hour from the M25, half an hour from Southampton and fifteen minutes from Chichester and from Petersfield, this is an excellent catchment area and the shows attract a wide range of visitors.

The fort was built in the 1860s and is now restored and in use as a youth activity centre, run by the excellent PAACT charity and partly under the care of Historic England. It is an extremely interesting building. All stands are inside this amazing building with the exception of some outdoor demonstrations etc

Basic Stand Space 6ft x 6ft
(Shared access space provided)
Stand Fees Extra Frontage (per foot)
April 20th, 21st & 22nd (Easter) £148.00 £20.00
November 2nd & 3rd £140.00 £19.00
Electricity = £8.00 | Table (6ft approx.) = £10.00 | Chair F.O.C.

The current insurance requirement at this venue is: Minimum of £2million Public and Products Liability.

As a former military fort, the building is very secure and a caretaker is usually on site overnight. You are welcome to leave your stand set up but this is of course at your own risk.

Camping/Caravan space and indoor accommodation are usually available on site by prior arrangement. Exhibitors wishing to bring dogs will need to check with us first.

2019 dates and details:

April 20th, 21st & 22nd (Easter)

November 2nd & 3rd


Our 27th year

Craft Shows for makers, designers and retailers.

Event type:
Indoor events


Fort Purbrook,
Peter Ashley Activity Centre,
Portsdown Hill Road,
Cosham, Nr Portsmouth,

Just 5 minutes from the Junction of A27 and A3(M) Junction 5. Signposted from Bedhampton and Cosham.
Click this link for a map to show the location of the Fort.

Section five: Events: Craft Show at the Festival Hall, Petersfield

Craft Show at Festival Hall, Petersfield

Craft Show at Petersfield Festival Hall

Content can include: Crafts, artwork, food and drink (not “to eat now”), craft supplies, craft workshops.

We will welcome applications from makers, designers and specialist retailers. There are up to 50 stands at this event. Space at this event will be limited and standards of quality and presentation will be important factors in the selection process.

Applications will be assessed carefully and product quality, individuality and presentation will be considered.

All stands are inside the building with the exception of a small number of open-air stands outside that may be available by special arrangement.

Petersfield is a significant large market town in a superb catchment area. It is the hub of the area and is surrounded by many outlying villages. This is a wealthy and thriving area with a large population and a high proportion of properties in the higher price ranges.

The town centre is home to a lot of well-known major brand stores including Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, W H Smith’s and Boots. There’s also a great selection of high quality independent shops.

Our publicity for this event will be extensive and targeted to attract discerning customers who are keen to find items of quality and individuality for themselves and for their homes.

Petersfield is easily accessible, a few minutes off the A3, London to Portsmouth Road. About half an hour from Guildford, Basingstoke or Chichester, Petersfield is an easy destination for visitors from all directions.

Basic Stand Space 6ft x 6ft
(Shared access space provided)
Stand Fees Extra Frontage (per foot)
May 18th & 19th £123.00 £18.00
Electricity = £8.00 | Table (6ft approx.) = £10.00 | Chair F.O.C.

The current insurance requirement at this venue is: Minimum of £2million Public and Products Liability.

This is a fine venue, under the control of East Hampshire District Council and as such, is secured to high standards overnight. You are welcome to leave your stand set up but this is of course at your own risk.

There are no facilities for camping/caravans on site but there are campsites and accommodation nearby.
The venue management have requested that dogs are not brought into the building.

2019 date and details:

May 18th & 19th


Craft Show for makers, designers and selected retailers

Event type:
Indoor event

Adjacent (and other car parks nearby). All car parks are currently chargeable on Saturdays and FREE on Sundays

Festival Hall,
Heath Road,
GU31 4EA

Just off the A3
London to Portsmouth Road.
Click this link for a map to show the location of the Hall.

Section six: Events: Crafts Marquee at Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold

Crafts Marquee at Wings & Wheels Dunsfold

Crafts Marquee at Wings & Wheels – Dunsfold

Please note new dates for 2019:
June 15th & 16th 2019

N.B. We are not the organisers of “Wings and Wheels” – we are only responsible for the Crafts Marquee. We are grateful to the show organisers for welcoming us and our exhibitors to this superb event.

This show has been a real highlight on our calendar for the past three years so we’re delighted to be returning this year.

In recent years, Wings and Wheels has been staged in August but for this, its 15th show, the event is returning to its original dates in June. The decision to change the dates was made following the announcement that the Red Arrows will be in America throughout August and September.

“Wings and Wheels” is a very well-established family event in a wealthy catchment area. Many thousands of visitors come each year to enjoy this huge event and our Crafts Marquee is well positioned in the heart of the show ground. Although this is principally an Air and Motor show, it offers so much more and it’s very popular with families who enjoy the 32 acres of exhibits and entertainment of all sorts.

In previous years this great show has attracted well over 20,000 visitors from all walks of life so a wide range of product categories and price-ranges are popular. We do not insist that items for sale are made by the exhibitor. We do include a wide variety of products but they must be suitable for the venue and there are sometimes restrictions. Visitors to this event expect high standards of quality and presentation. Products range from exclusive artwork to affordable jewellery and we welcome exhibitors with products at all price points.

We use high quality modern frame marquees and we provide tea and coffee making facilities for exhibitors (Just bring a cup!).

Located at Dunsfold Aerodrome, the home of BBC’s Top Gear, just 9 miles from Guildford on the Surrey/Sussex border, “Wings and Wheels” is accessed via the A281 and is within easy reach of the A3, M25, M3, M4 and the national motorway network. This event is very easy to get to and is readily accessible to visitors from a wide area.

Minimum stand frontage in our marquee is 8ft (2.4m) and extra frontage can be booked by the foot. Stands in the Crafts Marquee are “end to end” so you must book space large enough to allow side access if you need it. All stand spaces are strictly 6ft (1.8m) from front to back and stands must not protrude into the aisles which can be very crowded.

If you require extra depth or an “island” stand in the marquee, please contact us. Various options are available by special arrangement.

If your stand is over 6ft (1.8m) high, please note this on marquee application forms.

Although some food products are welcome, we must not compete with the caterers on the show ground so food or drink for immediate consumption may not be acceptable. We will need to obtain approval for all food exhibitors so please contact us before applying.

N.B. Stands in the marquee are ‘end to end’ – no access gaps provided.

Craft Marquee Space (8ft x 6ft) £168.00
Extra Frontage (per foot) £21.00
Electricity point = £25.00 (max 500 watts)
Additional power by special arrangement
Table (6ft approx.) = £10.00 | Chair = £5.00

The current insurance requirement at this venue is: Minimum of £2million Public and Products Liability.

Overnight security officers will be present on the showground and you are welcome to leave your stand set up overnight but this is of course at your own risk.

There is camping onsite for exhibitors from the night before the show but this must be booked with us in advance as space is limited.

Exhibitor Passes: 2 per stand.

N.B. We are not the organisers of “Wings and Wheels” – we are only responsible for the Crafts Marquee. We are grateful to the show organisers for welcoming us and our exhibitors to this superb event.

2019 date and details:

June 15th & 16th

Craft Marquee is open
9am to 6pm

Our 4th Year
(The show is in it’s 14th year)

Crafts Marquee for makers, designers and selected retailers

Event type:
Craft Marquee


Dunsfold Wings & Wheels
Dunsfold Park

Situated just 9 miles south of Guildford, 8 from Godalming and with London just 40 miles away, Dunsfold Park is conveniently located for visitors to Wings & Wheels. Accessed via the A281 and within easy reach of the A3, M25, M3, M4 and the national motorway network, the location also provides rapid access to Heathrow and London Gatwick airports and also south via the A3 to the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth.

For visitors using SATNAV please use the following postcode: GU6 8HY

Click this link for a map to show the location of Wings & Wheels.

Section seven: Events: Craft Show at Lancing College

Craft Show at Lancing College

Craft Show at Lancing College

Content can include: Crafts, artwork, food and drink (not “to eat now”), craft supplies, craft workshops.

We will welcome applications from makers and designers, no ‘bought-in’ goods may be sold at this event (with the exception of) food, drink, craft supplies and books. There are up to 70 stands at this event.

All stands are inside the building with the exception for a small number of open-air stands outside the entrance that are available by special arrangement.

This superb event is a “maker and designer-only” craft show and is dedicated to the skills and artistry of the exhibitors. Visitors come to see and buy top quality products and to be entertained by demonstrations. Many of our regular exhibitors travel from all over the UK. Customers appreciate the chance to buy products they may not see elsewhere.

Our Lancing College events are popular with customers who are adding beautiful things to their homes in this spring season. The October show has become well known as the first stop for early Christmas shopping. Both these events have become an important part of the calendar for many regular visitors. This is an impressive catchment area and visitors appreciate quality products.
In order to apply for space here, craft exhibitors must be involved in the design or manufacture of crafts for sale. These shows are not open to retailers of other people’s craft products or to agents with mass-produced or “multi-level marketing” products. Whilst we quite understand that component parts and materials must often be “bought in”, the main finished product must be the result of the exhibitor’s own efforts. N.B. This requirement does not apply to food products, craft supplies, kits and books, which are also acceptable.

Applications will be assessed carefully and product quality, individuality and presentation will be considered. Designers must be solely responsible for the original creation of the product and they must have sole rights to the sales of it. Products must not appear to be mass-produced or readily available in shops. We will not accept applications from exhibitors who cannot show that they have a close involvement in the design or manufacture of their products.

Lancing College is a well-known public school, situated very prominently, just off the busy A27, opposite Shoreham Airport on the south coast between Worthing and Brighton. We arrange heavy publicity in the Brighton and Worthing areas as well as in the surrounding towns and villages in this wealthy part of West Sussex. The college is a beautiful setting and since our first events here in 1997, our shows have been extremely popular with exhibitors and customers. The college grounds and chapel as well as the halls we use are very impressive and there is an atmosphere of quality that enhances the shows and encourages a positive response from visitors.

Please note our usual April event at Lancing College will not be going ahead in 2019. This is because the College is being used for educational activities throughout the Easter holiday this year. We hope to be able to stage the event again in April 2020.

Basic Stand Space 6ft x 6ft
(Shared access space provided)
Stand Fees Extra Frontage (per foot)
October 26th & 27th £153.00 £21.00
Electricity = £8.00 | Table (6ft approx.) = £10.00 | Chair F.O.C.

The current insurance requirement at this venue is: Minimum of £2million Public and Products Liability.

This is an historic public school and security patrols are on site overnight. You are welcome to leave your stand set up but this is of course at your own risk.

Camper vans may be welcome by prior arrangement but space is very limited. There are no facilities for caravans on site. There are campsites and accommodation nearby.
The venue management have requested that dogs are not brought into the college buildings.

2019 date and details:

October 26th & 27th


Our 23rd year

Craft Shows for makers and designers.
Retailers of food and drink, craft materials and supplies are also welcome

Event type:
Indoor events


Lancing College,
opposite Shoreham Airport,
West Sussex
BN15 0RW

Just off the A27
opposite Shoreham Airport,
West Sussex.
Click this link for a map to show the location of the college.

Section eight: Exhibitors Initial Application Form

Initial Application Form

Now you have read all of these sections and you’ve decided which events you would like to exhibit at, all you need to do now is fill in the Exhibitors Initial Application Form to receive the booking forms required to exhibit at our shows.

Click here to go to the Initial Application Form page

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